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Volunteers in Medicine works together with volunteers and community partners to bring hope and healing to patients when they need it most. This is especially true for patient Brian.

A few years ago, the pain in Brian’s hip became unbearable to the point it began interfering with work, and even regular life.

“It got real bad where I could hardly walk. I was using a walker. I couldn’t even sit in a car for more than 10 minutes.” Brian explains.

Thankfully, a friend told him about Volunteers in Medicine (VIM). The clinic’s partnership with CRRC of Canyon Lake not only allowed Brian to receive quality care close to home, but they also provided a walker to assist his mobility. Brian shared that the care at VIM has been very personal and attentive.

“They remember you. That’s what’s nice,” he said. “[VIM Nurse Practitioner Dawn Peterson] explains everything to you. I mean, everything, down into the detail…why I should take this, why I need to do this.”

After an evaluation and x-ray, clinic staff connected Brian with Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ (MHM) Wesley Nurse Tricia Mathis who arranged for a total hip replacement with Dr. Patrick Simon at Methodist Hospital. Fortunately, he said the relief was immediate.

“When I got out of surgery, I didn’t have to take a pain pill ever since. It didn’t hurt at all,” Brian said.

To aid in rehabilitation after his surgery, VIM staff also arranged for physical therapy at Cibolo Creek Physical Therapy.

“They were great. I got rid of the walker and started walking and went to therapy twice a week. I wasn’t even there two months. And they let me go. because I was doing pretty good,” Brian explained.

Thanks to the collaboration among these organizations, Brian is now able to live his life pain-free. He continues to receive quality medical care at Volunteers in Medicine. We celebrate the generosity of donors and volunteers who make it possible.


CRRC of Canyon Lake has provided a location for VIM to deliver care in Canyon Lake one afternoon each week for over two years.

Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas is a longtime funding partner of New Braunfels Christian Ministries. MHM provides the services of a Wesley Nurse onsite at CRRC concurrent with the VIM presence at CRRC, as well as at the New Braunfels location of VIM.

Dr. Patrick Simon of Northeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has provided care for a number of VIM patients.

Jeff Borcik, the owner of Cibolo Creek Physical Therapy heard about Volunteers in Medicine at Oakwood Church in fall 2022 and partners with VIM to provide physical therapy to select VIM patients at no charge.